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Trauma-Informed Yoga

All you need is a mat. Energy medicine (EM) yoga is a technique designed to balance and strengthen your immune system, boost your vitality, and move your energies in the right direction. EM yoga has been created to heal your body and mind. Traditional yoga is blended with specific thumps and meridian traces to facilitate the healing process. 

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Yoga for limited mobility. Traditional yoga that is done either sitting down or using the chair for support.  The poses are modifications from a traditional yoga class used to strength the body and calm the mind...

Kindness matters. These sessions, for schools and camps, teach children to meditate and calm their bodies by using the breath. We talk about ways to reduce conflict and discuss what mindfulness means. We stretch out our bodies and do holding yoga poses. Sessions end with positive affirmations.

It is our birthright to be happy and to thrive. We accomplish this through meditation, energy medicine yoga, and gratitude work. Relevant literature is sometimes incorporated into these classes. Designed to support individuals who have experienced trauma, in crisis center or safe house settings.

pilates private custom in-home personal pilates session

Core strength. Pilates promotes stability, agility, and flexibility while improving posture. We start with the breath, we calm our bodies, and we build core strength. Sessions are private; contact me for more information.

About Andrea

About Andrea

Andrea Hobkirk Easton MA pilates yoga

Having gone through a challenging life experience, I have adopted the work of mindfulness in combination with yoga, energy work, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. I began to experiment with energy work as a way to deal with stress and relax my body and mind. I found the practice so beneficial that I studied with a Reiki Master Teacher and became a certified Reiki practitioner. I have since been certified in multi-style yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction, trauma-informed yoga, and energy medicine yoga. I've found these practices to be so powerful for me personally that I now want to share their benefits with you. What I have found, is the most important part of practice is always coming back to the breath...

My Mini Book

trauma mindfulness book Andrea Hobkirk

Are you looking for an introduction to the concept of mindfulness as a way through trauma? Getting Mindful Through Trauma is a holistic mini-book with helpful tips and techniques to guide you through ways to reduce stress while going through a traumatic life experience. These techniques not only kept me calm during the worst of times but also changed my way of thinking, and I saw things in a very different light.

Available as an electronic download from Amazon.



"This morning I took the most amazing Pilates class! It was in the park, on the grass, under a beautiful tree. This was only my third Pilates class but Andrea was amazing. She explained every movement so it was easy to understand and I felt very peaceful and relaxed. The cool down and meditation set my mood for the day!  I would highly recommend Andrea's class!"




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